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We are very excited to announce a brand-new programme of events to be held here in 2024.

As well as the usual horticultural propagation courses, we are adding a new selection which we hope will enable you to make the most of the tranquil and beautiful setting we have at Bates Green Garden.  

We will be offering ‘mini-retreat’ Thursdays from May 23rd 2024. There will be a variety of disciplines on offer, all designed to promote a feeling of peace and wellbeing.  Our skilled tutors are experienced and qualified.

Retreat days will have the following format.  The group will be welcomed to the Garden by one of the Garden team and then the tutor will lead the group session.

 Whatever the topic, there will be a break halfway through the morning so that the group can enjoy a home-made snack plus a hot drink.  

Once the session has been completed, we would like to invite all participants to bring their own packed lunch so that they can join the Garden Team either in the Barn or in one of our picnic areas for a meal together.  Hot drinks will be available.

You will then be able to spend the rest of the day in the Garden, Wildflower Meadow or Beatons Wood, all of which you will have to yourselves. Walking, meditation, sketching or movement: you will be free to use the space however you wish.

We think that spending time in Bates Green Garden promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing.  Our 2024 programme has been designed to help enhance this feeling and experience this space in a new way. 

Retreat from the everyday in Bates Green Garden.

Payment is made on arrival at the workshop but you do need to enrol first. A small processing fee will be added to the course cost.

Friends of Bates Green Garden and Arlington Bluebell Walk receive a 10% discount on all workshops and this will be deducted on arrival

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5 September

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